Oklahoma City, OK

This peripheral nerve block and postoperative pain management course is suitable for CRNA’s who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of peripheral nerve blocks using both nerve stimulator and ultrasound technology.


After thorough online pre-lab instruction using the most technologically advance learning methods, participants will have two full days of hands-on practice using live models and cadavers for landmark identification and fresh frozen cadavers for imaging and needling with ultrasound during the proficiency lab portion of the program.


Seminars are in small group settings allowing for extensive interaction with instructors and other participants allowing plenty of hands-on time.


All new program allows participants to get all pre-lab learning online at their convenience.  The improved proficiency lab includes 2 full days of hands-on using life-like cadavers, live models and gelatin models.  The lab portion allows participants adequate time to get comfortable using ultrasound.

2016 Proficiency Labs


August 13-14, 2016

November 5-6, 2016


OU Medical School

Oklahoma City, OK



Online Preparatory Lab


Participants are required to complete the Online Preparatory Lab or Prep-Lab prior to scheduling the Proficiency Lab.  The  Prep-Lab content is delivered to the participant as state of the art, interactive online instruction and was developed to enhance the learning experience and increase retention. This Prep-Lab learning gives participants the opportunity to absorb information at their own pace and in the location of their choosing.  The Prep-Lab modules are viewed with an internet or wifi connection and are accessible from any computer, tablet and on most mobile devices.


Proficiency Lab

During the two days of the proficiency lab, the participant will apply the content presented in the online modules.  Completion of all Pre-lab Learning Modules is required to register for and participate in the Proficiency Lab. The two day lab, will be used to develop skills, confidence, and proficiency in administering peripheral regional blocks.  The goal is for participants to become very comfortable and proficient with the regional techniques taught in the Prep-Lab modules.  Participants will utilize gelatin models to gain increased skills and confidence in the needle, hand and ultrasound coordination.  Live models will be used to develop skills associated with identifying landmarks for both peripheral nerve stimulation and ultrasound.  Finally, cadavers will be used to allow participants to practice advanced needling and demonstrate proficiency in the performance of all blocks.


Once participants are confident in their new found skills, they will test their knowledge with instructors.  Upon successful completion of course requirements a Certificates of Proficiency will be issued to participants.



Saturday Proficiency Lab Schedule

8:00am - 4:00pm


Sunday Proficiency Lab Schedule

8:00am - 4:00pm

AANA CEUs have been applied for for the completion of both the Pre-Learning Modules and the Proficiency Lab.  The number of CEUs awarded to this program has not been determined yet.  Once determined, this site will be updated and registered participants will be notified.


Early Registration                              $2400

Late Registration*                              $2700

   *Less than 30 days prior to Proficiency Lab        


Military discounts given upon request. 

Please contact 979-229-9188 for discount code.



Agenda subject to change without notice.



Cancellation Policy


100% refund if Pre-Lab Module never accessed. 

No refunds after Pre-Lab Module is accessed.

Attendee may reschedule Proficiency Lab with permission.

Contact Maverick representative at

979-229-9188 for information.